Huber Carbonates, LLC Granted Prestigious NSF/ANSI 60 Certification by The Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF)

Huber Carbonates, LLC has been recognized by the NSF as complying with NSF/ANSI 60. This certification indicates Huber’s compliance with the health effects guidelines for the chemicals, the chemical contaminants, and the impurities that water treatment chemicals add to drinking water. In addition to the health effects guidelines established, this certification indicates a minimal level of contaminants.

NSF/ANSI 60 is designed to confront a key issue in water treatment, namely the care utilized in the prevention of residual chemicals in treated public water. This certification for Huber Carbonates, LLC is also a recognition for the quality of HuberPure™ granular calcium carbonate, which contains properties making the HuberPure grades safe in pH adjustment, corrosion control and remineralization of reverse osmosis systems in water.

To learn more about our exclusive HuberPure products and to read our comprehensive product brochure, click here.

A New Optimal Calcium Carbonate Grade for Your Highest Brightness Formulation Standards

Huber has a longstanding history of proven technical innovation and superior quality with our comprehensive product portfolio, and our exclusive line of Hubercarb® calcium carbonates is a perfect example.

We’re excited to introduce Hubercarb® G325 PC ground calcium carbonate (GCC), which is engineered with maximized consistency in each particle, meaning less variability in your finished product. Compared with our high performing Hubercarb® G325 calcium carbonate, Hubercarb G325 PC possesses a precision cut resulting in a narrower ­­­particle size distribution with a typical median particle size of 13 microns.

The new Hubercarb G325 PC grade, produced in Marble Hill, GA, can be used in a variety of applications and is designed to enhance the performance of functional additives in your formulation. Hubercarb G325 PC is sourced from our brightest marble ore with a typical Hunter brightness of 93.5, making it an optimal selection for your highest brightness formulation standards.

Take time now to learn more about our new Hubercarb G325 PC GCC grade and how it can perform in your next formulation.  Download our Technical Bulletin above to learn more and Contact Us today.


Our ‘Pioneering’ Spirit Leads to Ceramics Success

We’ve had a longstanding tradition at Huber Engineered Materials to develop new and innovative products and technologies that assist our customers in making their products appeal, perform and process better.

Such is the case with our unique line of Martoxid® KMS ‘Ready to Press’ granulates which are specifically engineered to enhance ceramics applications, electronic components, anti-wear components and other high performance applications.

Our four unique grades have AL2O3 content ranging from 94 to 99%.  A carefully controlled manufacturing process combined with constant monitoring and detailed quality control ensure the production of consistently high grade feed stocks with reproducible product characteristics.


To learn more, we invite you to click on the brochure icon above and download our literature which contains comprehensive product information or visit our Product Finder to learn more about the advantages of these high performing Martoxid KMS grades.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Kemgard® Smoke Suppressants for Rigid and Flexible PVC Applications the Talk of AMI’s PVC Formulation Conference

David Reece, Huber’s Thermoplastics Technology Manager, begins his engaging and informative discussion on the effectiveness of Kemgard® smoke suppressants in rigid and flexible PVC applications.



We consider it quite an honor and privilege when selected to speak and present a technical paper and information about our product offerings and technology at events such as trade shows and conferences.

Such was the case this week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (U.S.), as David Reece, Huber’s Thermoplastics Technology Manager, was selected to present to more than 150 attendees at Applied Market Information’s (AMI) PVC Formulation Conference.  The annual two-day program held at The Westin Conference Center featured technical presentations from experts​ covering global trends in PVC technology, including the latest advances in a range of PVC additives like functional extenders and fillers.

David’s engaging and informative talk focused on our exclusive line of Kemgard® molybdate smoke suppressants, which are cost-effective and manufactured by patented processes in which molybdates are precipitated on an inert core.  This “coated core” approach makes more efficient use of the molybdate species by maximizing the active surface area at a much lower cost than pure molybdate chemicals, such as ammonium octamolybdate (AOM).  David reviewed new and interesting data about the effectiveness of our Kemgard products in the most demanding rigid and flexible PVC applications.

We invite you to learn more by clicking here to download our latest literature which features the data he presented.  Also, contact us or visit our Product Finder and request your Kemgard sample today.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Annual Trade Show and Conference Schedule Begins in Charleston with 2019 SPE TOPCON

Our very busy 2019 trade show and conference schedule is off to a fast and productive start in Charleston, South Carolina (U.S.), as we’re live at the Belmond Charleston Center Hotel exhibiting at the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Thermoset Topical Conference (TOPCON).  A key annual stop, we have the opportunity to visit with technical experts from throughout the thermoset industry to discuss our halogen-free fire retardant additives and ground calcium carbonate extenders.

There’s been plenty of interest in our exclusive MoldX® optimized alumina trihydrate (ATH) products, which offer the thermoset formulator very high loadings and the advantage of lower viscosity while meeting the most stringent fire and flame retardance (FR) requirements.  At TOPCON, we’re promoting four MoldX optimized ATH grades:


  • MoldX® A400
  • MoldX® A110
  • MoldX® S45
  • MoldX® P18

Hubercarb® W4 ground calcium carbonate is also a high performance mineral in thermoset applications offering a rounded particle shape with chalk-like softness.  Two key advantages of the grade are it contains very low levels of crystalline silica along with low leachable chloride content.  It is milled from a unique micritic limestone ore and is one of the purest forms of GCC available.  For more information about the Hubercarb W4 grade, click here.

We’re excited and pleased about the success we’ve achieved this week at TOPCON and can’t wait to see you soon in all parts of the world as we exhibit and have the opportunity to personally meet you and discuss our product offerings which are backed by superior technical service with unsurpassed customer care second-to-none.  For samples of any of our products, contact us today!