Huber offers Alumina Trihydrate (ATH), Calcium Carbonate and Barium Sulfate Products for Cleaning and Polishing Applications

Huber has a variety of inert minerals for use in cleaners, polishes and buffing compounds from 1 micron to coarser products. 

Our ATH, calcium carbonate and barium sulfate products have a low silica content, making them ideal for use as mild scrubbers.

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Mineral Mohs Hardness
Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) 3
Ground Calcium Carbonate 3
Barium Sulfate 3

Huberbrite® 1: Your Barium Sulfate TiO2 Extender Solution

In need of a high performing white mineral TiO2 spacer solution?  We’ve got it for you! 

Huberbrite® 1 is an ultrafine ground white barium sulfate.  Its fine particle size, morphology, white color and particle size distribution make it well-suited for TiO2 extension for interior or exterior applications where scrub or acid resistance is a requirement (see electron micrograph at right).

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Huber’s Calcium Carbonate TiO2 Extender Solution

Huber Engineered Materials has a high-peforming TiO2 spacer for you to consider:  Optifil® JSU calcium carbonate.  Optifil JSU is an ultrafine ground calcium carbonate product grade produced from a specialty ore deposit.  It has a median particle size of 1.0 and its soft ore body results in a more rounded shape (see the electron micrograph at right), which promotes dispersion and less crowding.  The milling process also results in roughly 40% of the particles by weight being less than 1 micron, an ideal size for spacing TiO2.  It is for use in interior applications.  Order your sample today!