Huber’s Exclusive Granite Elite® Series

Huber’s exclusive Granite Elite® product line is a precision formulated mixture of alumina trihydrate (ATH) and pigmented polymer granules. Granite Elite is used primarily in the manufacture of non-gelcoated solid surfaces and gelcoated cultured granite although a myriad of other functional and decorative surfaces such as epoxy floor coatings also utilize Granite Elite.
A comprehensive palette of fashionable designer shades and custom colors offers the variety to fill a broad spectrum of custom applications.
Huber is able to provide batch-to-batch color consistency in large or small quantities so it doesn’t matter whether you order today or in the future, the color is going to look exactly the same.  Granite Elite also provides unique depth of detail and outstanding chip definition, which results from the superior quality of ATH grades used in our preblended, ready-to-use Granite Elite product.  The unique particle packed distributions of our Granite Elite provide low resin demand, superior wet-out characteristics and excellent air release properties which work together to yield enhanced pattern uniformity.

Photo Gallery

  • Bath 1
    Bath 1
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    Bath 2
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    Bath 3
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    Bath 4
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    Bath 5
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    Bath 6
  • Countertop 1
    Countertop 1
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    Inset 1
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    Inset 2
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