Huber’s Granite Elite® Delivers It All! 

Huber's Exclusive Granite Elite® product line is a precision formulated, ready-to-use mixture of alumina trihydrate (ATH) and pigmented polymer granules for manufacturing non-gelcoated solid surfaces and gelcoated cultured granite.  It is typically used to produce kitchen and bath surfaces such as countertops, sinks, tubs and shower bases.

Introducing...A New Way of Solid Surface Thinking.
Personality Expressions™ and Artisan Expressions™

Huber is excited to introduce two new Granite Elite technologies, Personality Expressions (GE 500) and Artisan Expressions (GE 501), designed to provide you with the base and filler materials needed to create brilliant and interesting color offerings based on the tastes of cusomers.  To learn more about Huber's Granite Elite, click here for our new brochure!

Photo Gallery

  • Bath 1
    Bath 1
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    Bath 2
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    Bath 3
  • Bath 4
    Bath 4
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    Bath 5
  • Bath 6
    Bath 6
  • Countertop 1
    Countertop 1
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    Inset 1
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    Inset 2
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    Inset 3