Flames and Smoke Don’t Like Us

Did you know that Huber Engineered Materials manufactures a very broad line-up of non-halogen fire retardant additives for a number of thermoplastic, thermoset and other industrial applications?

  • From 1 micron precipitated alumina trihydrate (ATH) to coarse ground and unground ATH.
  • From untreated ATH and magnesium hydroxide (MDH) grades with hydroxyl groups to a wide variety of surface treated products.
  • From highly purified products for wire and cable to standard grades for coatings and carpet applications.
  • From high brightness and translucent grades used in solid surface and cast polymer and TiO2 extension to standard grades for rubber and adhesives.
  • And don’t forget about our recently acquired Kemgard® line of molybdate smoke suppressants.

Let us know if we can help you find an ATH, MDH or Kemgard flame retardant or smoke suppressant that can help you to meet your formulating goals.  Find out more by visiting our Fire Retardant Additives section or Product Finder or Contact Us right now for more information or samples.