Huber has the Ideal Solution for Drilling Fluid Applications

While Huber Engineered Materials’ ground calcium products are used in a number of industrial formulations, did you know our Hubercarb® and Geotex® calcium carbonates are the perfect solution for drilling fluid applications?

You have a choice between a number of high performing Huber calcium carbonates, including our Hubercarb® G, Q and M Series and Geotex products.  Hubercarb G and Q Series and Geotex calcium carbonates are over 98% acid soluble and available in median particle sizes from 1 to 1200 microns.  The Hubercarb M Series products are produced in Texas, strategically located near the largest drilling areas in the U.S.  These grades are over 95% acid soluble and range in median particle size from 3 to 18 microns.

Let us know if we can help you find the right ground calcium carbonate solution for your drilling fluids application.  Find out more by visiting our Ground Calcium Carbonate section or Product Finder or Contact Us right now for more information or samples.