Huber Offers Many Raw Material Solutions for Adhesives, Caulks & Sealants Applications


Are you in need of a high performing additive for an adhesive, caulk or sealant application?  Fortunately, Huber has your solution!  Huber Engineered Materials offers a number of ground calcium carbonate products, alumina trihydrate grades and molybdate complexes.

Hubercarb® and Geotex® ground calcium carbonates are widely used in adhesives, caulks & sealants applications as a cost-reducing filler, tensile strength enhnacer, toughening agent and whiting agent.  Huber is well-positioned to supply your calcium carbonate needs with centralized production locations in Marble Hill, Georgia; Quincy, Illinois; and Marble Falls, Texas.

Flame retardants and smoke suppressants are options with adhesives and sealants in automotive and building materials applications.  Alumina trihydrate and molybdates can be used in place of other minerals to achieve the desired properties.  Hymod® surface-treated alumina trihydrate is specifically recommended for silicone sealants.  Alumina trihydrate releases water molecules at 428°F (220°C).  The reaction is endothermic, taking heat away from the flame.  The resulting aluminum oxide forms a char.  Micral® alumina trihydrate and Kemgard® smoke suppressants are other Huber brands effective in adhesive- and sealant-related applications.