Introducing the Huber | Martinswerk Martoxid® TM Series of Thermally Conductive and Electrically Insulative Fillers










Huber | Martinswerk has introduced a series of thermally conductive powders for thermoplastic and thermoset polymeric systems.  Martoxid® TM heat conductive aluminas are inert white powders, uniquely designed to be formulated at the high loadings necessary for excellent thermal conductivity. The technology represents a step change in the level of filler loading than was previously possible. Higher thermal conductivity means electrical parts last longer and there is reduced degradation of the polymer system.

Tojet-turbine meet the demanding requirements of specific applications, four series of high performing Martoxid TM alumina-based fillers have been developed.  Read a comprehensive overview of the Martoxid TM products by clicking here for a link to our online literature or visit our Product Finder by clicking below.