Fun Tabletop Presentation Today in Dallas at Polycon 2017!

We’re enjoying a busy day in Dallas, Texas, meeting with attendees while exhibiting with a tabletop presentation at Polycon 2017, sponsored by the International Cast Polymer Association (ICPA).  We’re discussing our vast array of Cast Polymer Performance Materials. Specifically, we’re talking about our Marble Elite® Alpha calcium carbonate, Onyx Elite® alumina trihydrate (ATH) and Granite Elite® ATH textured pigments.

e invite you to Contact Us for more information or Request Samples for your next project.

Busy Week Out and About at Topcon and Polycon 2017!

Busy Huber tabletop for the first day of Topcon 2017

This week we have the privilege first to be at SPE Topcon in Scottsdale, Arizona and then travel over to Polycon 2017 in Dallas.  Today and tomorrow, we’re at Topcon talking about our MoldX® optimized alumina trihdyrate (ATH) grades and Hubercarb® W4 calcium carbonate.  On Thursday, we venture to Dallas for Polycon to promote our vast array of cast polymer performance materials.

Our HuberPure™ Calcium Carbonate — Your Ideal Calcite for Water Treatment!

Our HuberPure™ calcium carbonate is mined from a world-class deposit of crushed and screened white calcite marble in Marble Hill, Georgia, and has a number of water-related application possibilities.  The six HuberPure grades we offer contain properties making them safe in pH adjustment, corrosion control and remineralization of reverse osmosis systems.  Each HuberPure product is listed under NSF® / ANSI® Standard 60 for Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals.  For more information, contact us or click here.  For direct info on our six high performing HuberPure products, click on the Product Finder below.