Huber’s Kemgard® Highly Efficient Smoke Suppressants for Rigid PVC Applications

From PVC pipe to modern aircraft interior panels, Kemgard® smoke suppressants will help meet and exceed your most demanding smoke suppression requirements in PVC applications.

Our Kemgard® molybdate smoke suppressants have proven themselves time after time in the most demanding rigid PVC applications.  We’re pleased to share a new technical bulletin chock-full of information regarding the use and efficient performance of our exclusive Kemgard® molybdate smoke suppressant compounds in rigid PVC.  

The comprehensive bulletin highlights the smoke suppression performance of Kemgard® MZM vs. a Kemgard® 911C/alumina trihydrate (ATH) blend vs. ammonium octamolybdate (AOM), which is much more expensive than the Kemgard technology.  We invite you to contact us for more information or to obtain product samples.  Here’s a link to click to access the technical bulletin