Is Your Current Matting Agent Not Getting the Job Done? Good News…We’ve Got Your Ideal Solution, our Exclusive Pergopak® Organic Flatting and Matting Agents!

Is something missing from your current silica or polypropylene matting agent?  Is there a certain benefit or physical property you’d like to have that’s just not quite working right?
If the answer to either of these questions is yes, we’ve got the ideal solution you should consider now!

It’s our exclusive line of Pergopak® flatting and matting agents, which are organic thermoset polymethyl urea resins (PMU) offering significantly different performance advantages and benefits versus what you’re currently using.  Pergopak products help you achieve a higher performing balance of low gloss, rheology, abrasion resistance, coin-marking, water resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and soft feel – that they are unable to achieve with silica or wax flatting agents alone.

Snapshot of Our Four Pergopak® Products:
Pergopak® M3    D90 = 17 µm
Pergopak® M4    D90 = 14 µm
Pergopak® M5    D90 = 11 µm
Pergopak® M6    D90 =   6 µm

A distinct and key advantage of our Pergopak® offerings are that they disperse quickly and easily, with relatively little dusting − in both the grind and let-down.  Right now is the time to see for yourself below the high performance of our Pergopak products as they are far easier to post-add during let-down versus silica matting agents.  We look forward to working with you!