A New Optimal Calcium Carbonate Grade for Your Highest Brightness Formulation Standards

Huber has a longstanding history of proven technical innovation and superior quality with our comprehensive product portfolio, and our exclusive line of Hubercarb® calcium carbonates is a perfect example.

We’re excited to introduce Hubercarb® G325 PC ground calcium carbonate (GCC), which is engineered with maximized consistency in each particle, meaning less variability in your finished product. Compared with our high performing Hubercarb® G325 calcium carbonate, Hubercarb G325 PC possesses a precision cut resulting in a narrower ­­­particle size distribution with a typical median particle size of 13 microns.

The new Hubercarb G325 PC grade, produced in Marble Hill, GA, can be used in a variety of applications and is designed to enhance the performance of functional additives in your formulation. Hubercarb G325 PC is sourced from our brightest marble ore with a typical Hunter brightness of 93.5, making it an optimal selection for your highest brightness formulation standards.

Take time now to learn more about our new Hubercarb G325 PC GCC grade and how it can perform in your next formulation.  Download our Technical Bulletin above to learn more and Contact Us today.