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Huber Launches Hydral® Coat 2 Ultrafine Alumina Trihydrate for Extending Coil Coatings and Other High Performance Coatings Applications

ATLANTA, May 7, 2014 – Huber Engineered Materials, a division of J.M. Huber Corporation, is introducing Hydral® Coat 2 Ultrafine Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) for use in coil coatings and other high performance coating-related applications.

In coatings applications with low film thicknesses, extenders are not commonly used because they adversely affect the gloss and/or performance properties.  Huber conducted an analysis comparing high-gloss white and black coil coatings without extenders versus the same coatings extended with Hydral Coat 2 Ultrafine ATH.  The coatings delivered the same performance, including 2,000 Hours of QUV weathering.

In addition to a partial replacement of titanium dioxide (TiO2), Hydral Coat 2 Ultrafine ATH replaced a portion of resin content.  The result is a lower cost per gallon without any adverse impact on aesthetics, flexibility or durability.  In the black, high-gloss coil coating formulation, a ladder study ranged from 1.5% PVC to 10% PVC without a loss in jetness or gloss.

Hydral Coat 2 Ultrafine ATH has a relatively low specific gravity, so it is more economical than precipitated barium sulfate on a cost-per-gallon basis, and it has a reduced tendency to settle in low viscosity systems. These are important characteristics in coil coatings applications.

“We’re extremely pleased with the results we’ve seen from Hydral Coat 2, and we’ve had a very enthusiastic response thus far in our sampling efforts,” says Mitch Halpert, Coatings Lead for Huber’s Fire Retardant Additives business.  “The product’s combination of high brightness, small particle size and low density makes it a valuable tool for specialty industrial coating formulators.”

For more information on Huber’s Hydral Coat 2 Ultrafine ATH, email hubermaterials@huber.com or call 866-564-8237.


About Huber Engineered Materials (www.hubermaterials.com)
Huber Engineered Materials, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, develops engineered specialty ingredients that enhance the performance, appeal and processing of a broad range of products used in industrial, paper and consumer-based applications. Its inorganic expertise has resulted in advancing the art in specialty silicas and silicates, alumina trihydrate, magnesium hydroxide, molybdate complexes, barium sulfate and natural calcium carbonate.  
About J.M. Huber Corporation (www.huber.com)
J.M. Huber Corporation, headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, operates a portfolio of companies with a focus on its core engineered materials businesses.  Founded in 1883, today Huber is one of the largest family-owned companies in the U.S.  The diversified, multinational company creates products that are used in a broad range of consumer and industrial applications, including oral care, personal care, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and building materials.

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