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Atlanta, Georgia, US (January 6, 2022) – On December 31, Huber Engineered Materials (HEM)—a company in the J.M. Huber Corporation (Huber) portfolio—acquired Natural Resources USA Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Natural Soda LLC (Natural Soda), from Rincon Ltd., a company owned by funds managed by the private equity group Sentient Equity Partners.

Natural Soda, based in Rifle, Colorado, is a key producer of sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda. They serve diverse industries, including food (primarily baked goods), personal care, animal nutrition, and industrial applications.

The Natural Soda business will become part of HEM’s strategic business unit formerly known as Ground Calcium Carbonate, which as of January 1 was renamed Huber Specialty Minerals (HSM). This acquisition advances HEM’s strategy to develop HSM as a specialty minerals platform. Natural Soda’s products are complementary to HEM’s diversified portfolio of specialty engineered materials, which includes the production of calcium carbonate products that are used in a variety of health and nutrition applications, as well as construction applications, including joint compound, caulking, paints, grouts, mortars, PVC piping and concrete.

Natural Soda’s operations also align well with Huber and HEM’s overall sustainability goals. They utilize solution mining, where hot water is used to dissolve and extract nahcolite—a soft, colorless white carbonate mineral—as the feedstock for sodium bicarbonate production. They have a “closed loop” water usage system that minimizes water waste, and the process design recovers heat. Their non-blast mining operation minimizes dust and reduces the direct impact of the mine on the surrounding area. The plant is in close proximity to the source of the nahcolite, minimizing production costs.

“We are excited about adding Natural Soda to our portfolio of businesses, as it further grows our existing specialty materials and minerals platform,” says Dan Krawczyk, President of Huber Engineered Materials. “Earlier this year we bolstered our nutrition business through the acquisition of Nutri Granulations, and Natural Soda will further diversify our products, end-markets and customers, making them a perfect fit for HEM.”


About Huber Engineered Materials

Huber Engineered Materials (HEM), headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (US), is a global leader in the production of fine precipitated alumina trihydrate and magnesium hydroxide, both non-halogenated fire retardants. Its FRA business unit has four manufacturing sites in North America and two in Europe.

HEM is focused on engineered specialty chemical and minerals that enhance the performance, appeal and processing of a broad range of products used in industrial, agricultural and consumer applications and also has a portfolio of high value agricultural nutrients and adjuvants and industrial, food and USP grade calcium carbonate products. For more information, visit www.hubermaterials.com.

About J.M. Huber Corporation
J.M. Huber Corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (US), operates a diverse portfolio of companies: CP Kelco, Huber Engineered Materials, Huber Engineered Woods and Huber Resources Corp. With locations around the world, our businesses create products used in a broad range of applications including personal care, food and beverage, agricultural nutrients and adjuvants, building materials, flame retardants and smoke suppressants, as well as sustainable forestry services. Founded in 1883, Huber is one of the largest family-owned companies based in the US. For more information, visit www.huber.com.

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