Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardants (MDH)

Huber’s magnesium hydroxide (MDH) products are flame retardants and smoke suppressants utilized in applications where higher processing temperatures are necessary.

The good news: MDH is able to take over in the higher temperatures where alumina trihydrate (ATH) leaves off.   While functioning in the exact same manner as ATH, there is one key difference: MDH undergoes endothermic decomposition when water is released at 330°C or 626°F.  That means it is thermally stable at temperatures up to 110°C higher than ATH.

Formulators can also blend MDH with ATH to achieve improved flame retardancy in a variety of polymer systems.  Click here to learn more about blending.

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Huber offers comprehensive technical guidance in using its array of high-performing MDH flame retardants. Please click on these technical papers for more information:

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Important Update: on February 1, 2016, the J.M. Huber Corporation purchased the Martinswerk flame retardant and specialty chemical businesses.  To download Martinswerk product information and technical data, click here.  To see the press release announcing the acquisition, click here.

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