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New!  Introducting ReCal® Pre-C calcium carbonate to the Huber Family of Solutions, a 100% pre-consumer content (third-party verified) product, which offers recycled content for a variety of consumer and industrial building applications which demand it.  ReCal Pre-C is the ideal choice for demanding applications such as a component in green building calcium carbonate products where certified post-consumer content is required.

ReCal Pre-C is available in two high-performing grades.

ReCal Pre-C 8 and Recal Pre-C 20 Typical Properties

Physical Property Recal® Pre-C 8 ReCal® Pre-C 20
Median Particle Size (µ) 8 20
+325 Mesh Screen (%) 0.05 18
Surface Area BET (m2/g) 1.09 0.67
Color Off White Off White