Martoxid® Activated Alumina and Hydral® and Martinal® ATH for Ceramic and Refractory Applications

With the acquisition of Martinswerk GmbH in 2016, Huber now has a complete and comprehensive line of Martoxid® calcined aluminas used for ceramic and refractory applications. The product range includes coarse, medium and fine grades,  as well as high purity products for the most demanding applications, such as armor plating and ware parts.  The Martoxid line also includes ready-to-press products such as our KMS series.

Martoxid® advantages include:

  • Outstanding Fired Density
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Reduced Mixing Water
  • Extraordinary Chemical Resistance against Slags, Gases and Fluids
  • Low Soda (Na2O) Content (Martoxid® Series Reactive Aluminas)

Huber's Hydral® and Martinal® alumina trihydrate (ATH) grades are also used in ceramics and refractory applications. They help to overcome thermal shock where the ceramic in the refactories must withstand extreme temperatures, both during the firing and subsequent use in the glass industry.  The endothermic decomposition of ATH and expulsion of water vapor acts an initial cooling system and overcomes stress cracking issues within the blocks and conveyor system.

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