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Wire and Cable Compounds

  • Treated precipitated & ground ATH → Hymod® and Martinal® Grades 
  • Molybdates → Kemgard® 911C and Kemgard® HPSS
  • Untreated ATH 1 to 6 microns → Martinal®, Hydral® and Micral® Grades
  • Treated and untreated MDH → Vertex® 100 Series Grades
  • Treated and untreated premium MDH → Magnifin® and Zerogen® Grades

Wire and cable applications require flame retardance and low smoke generation. Huber has a full line of treated Alumina Trihydrate (ATH), Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) and Kemgard® products that impart outstanding flame retardance and smoke suppression in wire and cable compounds.

Martinal and Hydral fine precipitated hydrates are designed to have high purity and low conductivity.  They can be used at high loadings in both the insulation layer and in jacketing compounds for wires with varying voltage requirements. 

In jacketing compounds, Micral ultrafine ground ATH can be an economical alternative to precipitated ATH.

Especially in high performance applications, surface treated ATH and MDH products offer these advantages compared with untreated products in wire and cable compounds:

  • Improves dispersion uniformity
  • Higher throughput rates
  • Enhances flame retardant performance
  • Increases color stability
  • Improves physical properties and electrical performance (lower conductivity)

Kemgard products are ideal smoke suppressants used for plenum cable jacketing to meet the smoke requirement of UL 910.  Click on the technical paper below for more information.

Huber offers comprehensive technical guidance in using its array of high performing flame retardants and smoke suppressants. 

Cast Polymer / Solid Surface

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