Aluminum Cladding

Tougher global fire and safety regulations along with increased governmental scrutiny have resulted from a worldwide desire to minimize risk, following several spectacular worldwide fires that have engulfed large skyscrapers and other huge buildings and structures.

One horrifying and shocking example occurred New Year's Eve 2015 in Dubai, the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (photo at right, taken by Geoff Pugh of The Telegraph).  A major blaze struck The Address Downtown Hotel, injuring 16.  Thankfully, there were no fatalities.  The fire is but one example of an inferno that has strengthened fire regulations.  For more information on this intense fire and the resulting aftermath, click here.

The rash of dramatic blazes have also also led to an increased demand for fire retardants and smoke suppressants for use in compounds used in aluminum cladding (also known as aluminum sandwich panels).  Aluminum cladding is a key material used in the building of skyscrapers and other similar structures.  Huber has high performing halogen-free grades of both Aluminum Hydroxide and Magnesium Hydroxide which are used to impart fire retardance and smoke suppression in aluminum cladding applications.  Contact Us now for immediate technical assistance and to acquire samples of our flame retardants and smoke suppressants based on your specific application and situation.