Nylon (Polyamide)

Fire Retardance

Huber recommends Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) non-halogen fire retardants to impart smoke suppression and fire retardance in Polyamide 6 (PA6) because the decomposition of MDH is 330°C.  The compounding temperature of PA6 is typically between 230°C – 290°C, and therefore, Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) cannot be used.  MAGNIFIN® surface treated MDH grades are ideal because they can be added at higher loadings than untreated MDH and they mix in faster while imparting better mechanical properties.

Thermal Conductivity

The Martoxid® TM-4000 series of thermally conductive fillers are designed to be used in polyamide applications at 50 to 70 weight percent and still provide good mechanical properties.  Good thermal conductivity, in the range of 1 to 2 W/mK can be achieved. 

Martoxid® TM-4000 Series for Polyamides
Example: Martoxid® TM-4410 in PA-6

(Weight %)
(Volume %)
E @ Break (%)
Strength (MPa)
Charpy Impact
Strength @ 4 J (kJ/m2)
50 22 5.2 6000 85 66
70 40 4.0 9500 95 18