SB, HN, Micral® and Hymod® ATH Grades

Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) can be used in polyethylene and ethylene vinyl acetate systems.  Because untreated ATH is relatively polar, it does not disperse easily in polyolefins.  Huber Engineered Materials recommends hydrophobically treated ATH which speeds dispersion and allows higher loadings in these low polarity systems. 

Vertex® and Zerogen® MDH Grades

Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) can be used by itself and in blends with ATH to impart fire retardance in polyolefins.  MDH alone is recommended for polypropylene containing systems where compounding temperatures are above 200°C.   Huber Engineered Materials also offers treated MDH which speeds dispersion and allows higher loadings in these low polarity systems. 

Kemgard® Molybdate Grades

Huber Engineered Materials' Kemgard® product line provides superior fire safety in polyolefin applications through patented technology.  The Kemgard product chemistries include zinc molybdate, calcium molybdate and zinc phosphate complexes.

The Kemgard products are designed to replace more expensive bulk molybdenum compounds (Ammonium Octamolybdate – AOM) with less expensive core/shell structures where expensive active phase (molybdate) is deposited on the surface of inert core particles, such as magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, talc and zinc oxide.

Download our Kemgard Polyolefins Technical Bulletin by clicking here or on the image at right of the Bulletin's first page.  Learn about Kemgard® 981 and Kemgard® MZM, two high-performing grades developed specially for the most demanding polyolefin applications.

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