Barium Sulfate

Huberbrite® barium sulfate has excellent purity, and all of Huber’s barium sulfate products are manufactured at our Quincy, Illinois operation.

As a premium barium sulfate manufacturer and supplier, our high-performing grades have excellent dry brightness, which makes Huberbrite products ideal for applications such as powder and industrial coatings.

Our Huberbrite barium sulfate products contain virtually no leachable barium compounds and passes Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) tests. Huber's products are environmentally sound and maximize your disposal options of bags and waste product.

The Huberbrite Product Lineup

Product Median Particle Size Hegman Grind
Huberbrite® 1 1.1 6
Huberbrite® 3 3.2 6
Huberbrite® 7 6.5 4
Huberbrite® 10 9 3


The Huberbrite Advantages

Key Characteristics Primary Applications
High Density Acoustical Compounds
Low Surface Area Industrial Coatings
Chemically Inert Powder Coatings
X-Ray Opacity X-Ray Opaque Compounds
High Brightness TiO2 Extension


Huber Quality…Over a Century of Making Products and Processes Better

Quality is an important ingredient throughout our Quincy plant.  Our processes are certified to ISO standards and when combined with Six-Sigma® tools, you are ensured consistent, high performing products time after time.