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Polishing / Lapping / Cleaning Compounds                    

Huber has a wide variety of inert mineral products for use in polishing, lapping and buffing compounds, ranging from 1 micron to much coarser products.

For mild abrasives used in cleansers or polishes, you can choose from our alumina trihydrate (ATH), barium sulfate or calcium carbonate products.

For harder materials (Mohs hardness of 9), Huber has an extensive offering of Martoxid® calcined aluminas, which are produced in Bergheim, Germany.  Aluminum oxide forms the basis of the most important polishing agents for industrial and private use.

Martoxid products vary in friability, surface area and particle size. Different grades are designed for the substrate to be polished, including soft metals, hard metals, paint, plastic or silicon wafers.

Whether you are looking for soft or hard abrasives, and whether you need extremely low silica or low soluble soda content, let us assist you in finding a product that perfectly suits your application.

Mineral Mohs Hardness
Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) 3
Calcined Alumina 9
Ground Calcium Carbonate 3
Barium Sulfate 3

Contact Us or go to our Product Finder to learn more about our ATH, calcined aluminas, calcium carbonate and barium sulfate products or to order product samples.