PVC - Flexible

  • Molybdates - Kemgard® Grades
  • Untreated ATH
  • SB, HN and Micral® Grades
  • Hymod® Surface-Treated Grades

Huber non-halogen flame retardants and smoke suppressants find their way into an endless array of plastic products, from PVC piping to wire and cable jacketing.  Huber has a global presence in the plastics industry with broad production capabilities and an international customer base. 

PVC Compounders are being challenged to develop formulations with lower levels of antimony oxide and/or lower smoke levels, and ATH offers an excellent solution. ATH lowers smoke levels because it decomposes in an environmentally friendly mechanism known as dehydration.

The Kemgard® products are designed to replace more expensive bulk molybdenum compounds (Ammonium Octamolybdate - AOM) with less expensive core/shell structures where the expensive active phase (molybdate) is deposited on the surface of inert core particles, such as magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, talc and zinc oxide.

Since PVC degrades with increasing amounts of heat, we recommend the use of Hymod treated ATH, which imparts lower friction during compounding compared with untreated ATH. 

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