Food/Beverage Grade Calcium Carbonate

Choosing the most effective food grade calcium product in a formulation is a critical decision.  Food grade calcium carbonate has the highest concentration of elemental calcium — 40% by weight. Many studies have shown that calcium from calcium carbonate in food is readily absorbed by the body. Because of this, HuberCal® calcium carbonate is more economical to use and the food additive provides the nutritional properties required by formulators.  Typical food grade calcium carbonate applications include:

    • Breakfast Cereal 
    • Nutritional Bars
    • Baked Foods
    • Fortified Beverages
    • Cookies & Crackers
    • Soups & Sauces
    • Food Processing

HuberCal® food grade calcium carbonate is a naturally mined, ultra-pure form with typical assays greater than 99% – to meet demanding industry standards, and more specifically, your own high purity standards.  HuberCal FG grade calcium carbonate grades meet the requirements specified by the Food Chemical Codex 4th Edition.  HuberCal® USP and Elite grades meet the requirements of the US pharmacopeia and can be used in the most critical applications.  In addition, all HuberCal products meet California Proposition 65 standards with regard to lead.  Consider Huber, one of the top food grade calcium carbnate suppliers, in your next calcium product formulation.

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