Treat A Pet Like You Treat Yourself...With HuberCal® Pure and Natural Calcium Carbonate

Many pet foods utilize vitamin / mineral pre-mixes in their formulations in order to deliver vital micronutrients to our pets.  These vitamin / mineral pre-mixes often contain significant amounts of calcium carbonate.  HuberCal® pure and natural calcium carbonate has been a trusted source of calcium for human nutrition for many years and now offers the very same quality and reliability to animal nutrition.

As the regulatory landscape continuously changes for pet nutrition, formulators look to tighten up the specifications for many of their raw materials.  HuberCal pure and natural calcium carbonate provides the pet food formulator the confidence that they are using the very best calcium carbonate ingredient.  HuberCal's high calcium carbonate assay (>99%) and low levels of heavy metals contamination (<20 ppm) provide the pet food formulator the very same versatility that human nutrition formulators have enjoyed for many years.

HuberCal calcium carbonate comes in a variety of particle sizes suited to meet the most demanding pet food formulation requirements.  As the nutritional regulations for pet food ingredients become even more demanding, be rest assured HuberCal pure and natural calcium carbonate provides formulators with their best option.  We invite the pet food industry to begin to experience what the food and nutrition industries have enjoyed for years, the reliability of HuberCal.

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