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Exceptional Precipitated Silica and Silicates

Silica for Dental, Food & Feed, Paints & Coatings, Paper and Pharmaceutical Applications

Huber Engineered Materials manufactures a variety of high performing precipitated silica and silicates products for a variety of consumer, food, industrial, paper and pharmaceutical applications.

Dental silica is an area of expertise that Huber prides itself on.  From silica abrasives to silica thickeners and silica cleaners, Huber’s Zeodent dental silicas offer a wide range of uses as active ingredients in many products used every day.  Huber began manufacturing dental silicas in the 1950s and its expertise in the production of silica and silicates over the years has led to its leadership position of adding unique value to its customers.

In addition to its high performing precipitated silicas and silicates, Huber offers rigorous quality systems, unparalleled customer technical support and care, a global technology support team and worldwide distribution network.  We solve customer problems through advanced product technology and custom application support.  Click on an application above to learn more about how Huber's silica and silicates can help you in your next formulation.