Customer Care, Supply Chain and Logistics

Customer Care

Along with the exceptional performance of all Huber products comes Huber’s continuous commitment to serving its customers. Huber has a deep dedication toward customer care and strives to provide fast, personalized service to ensure a rewarding experience for its customers, time after time.

  • Trained Customer Care Representatives (CCRs) are strategically located in each global region to address  language and timezone differences.
  • CCRs are located at Huber manufacturing sites to ensure accurate and timely response to customer inquiries.
  • Huber utilizes a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that allows for order transparency and efficient order tracking.

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Supply Chain and Logistics

  • To ensure timely production and delivery of customer orders with error free service, Huber incorporates the following practices in its supply chain and logistics management system:
  • Customer demand is balanced each month through Huber’s Sales and Operations Planning Process. 
  • Key metrics are managed daily to ensure on time, complete and error-free-service for each shipment

Customer Tailored Services 

  • Huber can arrange freight logistics and offer product delivered pricing.
  • Huber can develop customer-specific solutions in areas like “Just in Time” delivery and “Vendor Managed Inventory”.
  • Multiple manufacturing plants allow for a second Huber site to be qualified as a back up source of supply.

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