2017 Trade Show Year Officially Kicks-Off in Two Weeks! Looking Forward to International Polyolefins!

Huber Offers Engineered Specialty Ingredients for Polyolefin Injection Molding Applications

Huber Engineered Materials (HEM) is very much looking forward to its first trade show of 2017 when we exhibit Feb. 27-28 in Houston, Texas, at the International Polyolefins Conference.  Long a traditional stop for us, we cordially invite you to stop by our “front-and-center” booth 38 location at the Houston Hilton North to learn more about our wide array of high-performing Fire Retardant Additives and Ground Calcium Carbonate products used in a variety of polyolefin and injection molding applications.

The friendly venue setting for International Polyolefins offers us the opportunity to casually enjoy visiting with you to learn more about your business and how our engineered specialty ingredients can help with your formulations.

We look forward to seeing and visiting with you in Houston soon!


Introducing the Huber | Martinswerk Martoxid® TM Series of Thermally Conductive and Electrically Insulative Fillers










Huber | Martinswerk has introduced a series of thermally conductive powders for thermoplastic and thermoset polymeric systems.  Martoxid® TM heat conductive aluminas are inert white powders, uniquely designed to be formulated at the high loadings necessary for excellent thermal conductivity. The technology represents a step change in the level of filler loading than was previously possible. Higher thermal conductivity means electrical parts last longer and there is reduced degradation of the polymer system.

Tojet-turbine meet the demanding requirements of specific applications, four series of high performing Martoxid TM alumina-based fillers have been developed.  Read a comprehensive overview of the Martoxid TM products by clicking here for a link to our online literature or visit our Product Finder by clicking below.

Huber | Martinswerk Enjoys Success Exhibiting with Distributor Partner Sharda Enterprises at Wire and Cable India

At Wire and Cable India in Mumbai, Huber | Martinswerk partnered with distributor Sharda Enterprises in hosting a successful stand. Pictured are (from left)

At Wire and Cable India in Mumbai, Huber | Martinswerk partnered with distributor Sharda Enterprises in hosting a successful stand allowing us to meet with many current and prospective customers to discuss our Halogen-Free Fire Retardant Additives.  Pictured during the event are (from left) Umesh Viyas and Mani Iver, both with Sharda Enterprises; Annegreth Zoor and Mario Neuenhaus, both with Huber | Martinswerk; and Sharad Viyas with Sharda Enterprises.

One of the pleasures we so enjoy is being able to visit with attendees from around the world at various conferences and trade show events.  Such was the case earlier this month as we traveled to India, an emerging country with one of the most dynamic economies currently driving global growth.

In Mumbai, we partnered with distributor Sharda Enterprises at Wire and Cable India, giving us the opportunity to visit with current and prospective customers to discuss our Halogen-Free Fire Retardants and Smoke Suppressants.  Another highlight of the event occurred when our Huber | Martinswerk technical team partnered with a key customer to give a well-received presentation on cross linked wire and cable compounds.

There were a number of good and interesting questions fielded and answered during Wire and Cable India about our Martinal® Aluminum Hydroxides and Magnifin® Magnesium Hydroxides.  We appreciate the interest we received in our products during Wire and Cable India and invite you to Contact Us for more information on our Halogen-Free Fire Retardant Additives.