All of our Huberbrite® barium sulfate products are manufactured at our Quincy, Illinois operation.  Our high-performing grades have excellent dry brightness and high purity, which makes Huberbrite products ideal for applications such as powder and industrial coatings.

The Huberbrite® Product Lineup

Product Median Particle Size Hegman Grind
Huberbrite® 1 1.1 6.5
Huberbrite® 3 3.2 6
Huberbrite® 7 6.5 4
Huberbrite® 10 9 3

The Huberbrite Advantages

Key Characteristics Primary Applications
High Density Acoustical Compounds
Low Surface Area Industrial Coatings
Chemically Inert Powder Coatings
X-Ray Opacity X-Ray Opaque Compounds
High Brightness TiO2 Extension

Huber Quality…Over a Century of Making Products and Processes Better

Quality is an important ingredient throughout our Quincy plant.  Our processes are certified to ISO standards and when combined with Six-Sigma® tools, you are ensured consistent, high performing products time after time.