Automotive Particulate Filters

Stringent Regulations on Emissions

Increasingly, stringent regulations have been implemented to reduce the emissions of particles (soot) from vehicles. This has resulted in the need for higher performing gas and diesel particulate filters, which are highly technical ceramics that need strength, stability and exacting pore size. 

Huber | Martinswerk's Ceramic Solutions

Different Martoxid® calcined aluminas are available, depending on the required product design and the needed operational functionality.  The specific properties of the substrate, including wall thickness, cell density, porosity, and pore texture will determine the appropriate Martoxid alumina powder.  The following Martoxid products can be used in this application:

Martoxid® Grade
d50 µm  Product Value Proposition
Martoxid® MR-70D 0.7 Very Low Top Cut for Thinnest Cell Walls and High Porosities
Martoxid® MZS-1 1.8 Steep and Narrow Particle Size Distribution; Reduced Top Cut; Appropriate Power for Intermediate Pore Densities
Martoxid® MDS-6 5 Medium Sized Alumina for Honeycomb Ceramics with Medium to Thick Cell Walls
Martoxid® DN-206 6 Medium Coarse Sized Alumina for Honey Comb Ceramics with Thick Cell Walls