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Huber Scientist Discussing Precipitated ATH Flame Retardants At Polymers In Cables Conference

ATLANTA, April 8, 2013 – Huber Engineered Materials, a division of J.M. Huber Corporation, announces Alex Isarov, Ph.D., Director of Technology for Huber’s Fire Retardant Additives business, will deliver a key technical presentation at the upcoming Polymers in Cables 2013 Conference.  Isarov will be a speaker May 15 at the Hilton Miami (FL) Downtown Hotel.  He will present a technical paper titled “Precipitated Aluminum Hydroxide as a Fire Retardant and Smoke Suppressant in Flexible PVC Wire and Cable Compounds.” 

The session will focus on the important role low smoke flexible PVC compounds play in wire and cable applications and the most common fire retardant additive used to formulate these compounds, alumina trihydrate (ATH).  Participants will learn how precipitated ATH properties, including surface area, particle size and surface treatments, affect compounding characteristics, compound physical properties and flame retardant performance in different flexible PVC formulations.  The potential of replacing antimony oxide with ATH will also be discussed.

Isarov has over 10 years of technical experience working with flame retardants and smoke suppressants and is looking forward to the opportunity to present the session and share his broad industry knowledge. 

“The technical overview will be detailed and comprehensive, as the fire retardance testing to generate the data utilized in the paper was conducted using the Microscale Combustion Calorimeter and the NBS Smoke Chamber at our technical facility in Fairmount (GA),” says Isarov.  “I look forward to discussing how this data leads to strategies for the formulator to develop cost-effective, low-smoke PVC wire and cable compounds."

The technical paper was co-authored by Isarov and David Reece, Thermoplastics Technology Manager and David Temples, Technical Services Representative – both with Huber’s Fire Retardant Additives business unit.

In addition to the technical presentation, Huber representatives will manage a booth during the conference to further discuss the findings contained in the technical paper and share information about Huber’s array of non-halogen flame retardants and smoke suppressants.  

About Huber Engineered Materials (www.hubermaterials.com)
Huber Engineered Materials, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, develops engineered specialty ingredients that enhance the performance, appeal and processing of a broad range of products used in industrial, paper and consumer-based applications. Its inorganic expertise has resulted in advancing the art in specialty silica and silicates, alumina trihydrate, magnesium hydroxide, molybdates, barium sulfate and natural calcium carbonate.

About J.M. Huber Corporation (www.huber.com)
J.M. Huber Corporation, headquartered in Edison, NJ, is a diversified, multinational supplier of engineered materials, natural resources and technology-based services to customers spanning many industries from paper and energy to plastics and construction. With announced sales of about $1.5 billion, J.M. Huber Corporation is one of the largest family-owned companies in the United States. The company offers total solutions in inorganic chemistry, engineered wood composites and other specialties.

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