Drilling Fluids

Drilling fluids are complex water or oil-based suspensions that fulfill several important functions in hydrocarbon extraction. They are specifically formulated to meet the demands of the geology and environment being drilled.  The particle size and distribution of the various components of the drilling fluids affect the way they interact with the surrounding geology as well as the rheological properties of the fluid.  High purity calcium carbonate products are used as bridging and weighting agents in both water and oil-based fluids to prevent fluid loss in work-over systems. They are often used instead of barytes as calcium carbonates are acid-soluble and easily dissolved in cleaning up production zones.

Hubercarb® G Series, Hubercarb® Q Series and Geotex® calcium carbonate products from Huber Specialty Minerals are over 97% acid soluble and available in median particle sizes from 2 to 2250 microns. Hubercarb G Series and Geotex products are marble-based calcium carbonates, especially useful in recirculation fluids due to the harder crystal structure of marble resisting fragmentation with resulting viscosity build.

The Hubercarb ® M Series calcium carbonate products are produced in Texas, strategically located near the largest drilling areas in the U.S.  These grades are over 95% acid soluble and range in median particle size from 3 to 18 microns. 

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