Joint Compound (Joint Cement or Drywall Mud)

Huber is a leading supplier of calcium carbonate to the drywall industry and offers a number of high-quality Hubercarb® calcium carbonate grades used in the production of joint compound, which is also known as joint cement or drywall mud.  Our calcium carbonate products help to reduce water demand, compound shrinkage and cracking, as well as reducing overall compound cost in joint compound applications. 

Hubercarb Product Recommendations for Joint Compound Applications

Hubercarb Grade Median Particle Size (µ, LLS-CILAS®)
Hubercarb® G325 10.5 
Hubercarb® G260 22 
Hubercarb® Q325 13 
Hubercarb® Q200 22 
Hubercarb® M300 8
Hubercarb® M200 15

The wide availability of varying particle sizes from our Hubercarb grades insures a premium joint compound can be manufactured.  Huber's multi-plant sourcing from three U.S. calcium carbonate manufacturing locations (Marble Hill, Georgia; Quincy, Illinois; and Marble Falls, Texas) ensures we've got the exact product you need located near your operation.  For more information, Contact Us today or visit our Product Finder