Powder Coatings

Hubercarb® Calcium Carbonate Product Recommendations:   

  • G35, G6 and G8 (High brightness ground calcium carbonate from Marble Hill, Georgia) 
  • Q3, Q4 and Q6 (Ground calcium carbonate from Quincy, Illinois)
  • M3, M4 and M6 (Ground calcium carbonate from Marble Falls, Texas)

Hubercarb® calcium carbonate is an economical material for powder coatings.  It is non-toxic, has a neutral color tint and low abrasiveness.  Fineness and particle size distribution determine the opacity.  Huber's high performing line-up of Hubercarb calcium carbonate products can improve the physical and rheological properties of powder coatings. 

  Hubercarb® Product Offerings and Typical Properties

Typical Properties G35 G6 G8 Q3 Q4 Q6 M3 M4 M6
Median Particle Size (µ) 3.2 5.5 7 3.2 4.3 6 3.3 4.5 5
Dry Brightness (Hunter Reflectance) 95 94 94 89 88 87 87 86 85
Hegman Grind 6 5 3 6 6 5 6.5 6.5 4.5

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